Who Works With Us

At Inflyence, we like idioms and old sayings. Those are often in line with our advices. That's why when a client consults us and shows us something a friend has done but has failed to resolve the issue, we say "cutting corners" has its price and for sure "cheap can be expensive".
Yes, we understand that "saving for a rainy day" seems a good idea, but the question is: what if it never rains?
Everything (and we really mean everything!) we do at Inflyence has its reasoning. Even when a speech done by an entrepreneur or a public figure seems improvised, we always remember something Mark Twain once said: "it usually takes me more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech".
You can even decide not to work with us but remember: if you have any further questions, ask your 360┬║ communication agency.